How many times have you, the spontaneous photographer, spent sleepless nights tagging the thousands of photos taken over the past three and a half days? (Fifty pictures of the same person/cat/gadget in various stages of movement to be printed in the near future to make a flicker book…)

The problem is very obvious. And the solution is definitely not lethargy. From the user’s side OR from the startups’ side. A triplet of failed startups makes it to the list: Riya (Has given up hope), Ookles (Did not launch), and Polar Rose (Still in beta.)

“Udder Tagging Bliss”. The motto somewhat says it all of tagcow.com. Upload a picture, and then get things in the picture ‘automatically’ tagged. Yes. Automatically. A cat in the picture? It’s tagged. A TV? It’s done. A large beer mug? Sure thing! And you have just uploaded the picture.

How? Speculations (and the rather secretive FAQ) have led people to believe that humans tag the pictures. It’s free, which might be a problem later on for the startup.

The problem for us Indians is, of course, the limited amount of broadband upload-download limit (I am not speaking of the few lucky ones) and the endless number of photographs we have.


About Aruni RC

Engineering student, IT.Programming and fantasy, sci-fi enthusiast.

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  1. hmmm, seems interesting. i hope you’ve noticed the comment form mods – knowing your distaste for sms language in blogs.
    speaking of which, why don’t you put in a left-aligned sidebar to have a slide-show of the pictures you’ve taken on radar? sounds pretty good to me at least.

  2. I remember a conversation we had about personal stuff and displaying the same on this blog. Now, my Twitter isn’t all that personal, since it has some tech updates now and then. However, I do not understand why my Radar channel should be embedded in this tech blog since I don’t take pictures of a lot of technological gadgets. Just the sky, birds and animals in the public channel.

    You must be really desperate for that extra sidebar!

  3. You couldn’t be more correct. And kindly stop patting yourself on the back: it did not require a twisted Sith Lord to figure it out.

    Since the fiasco with the label cloud (the end result of which adorns the present sidebar – my color scheme went haywire) I am quite understandably jittery when it comes to tweaking the template any time soon…

  4. I see.
    It’s quite easy though, having that extra sidebar. For leeches and people who do not have knowledge of CSS, there’s always Google!
    I do hope you can do this much for your brainchild. 🙂

  5. True. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t expend the time right now.
    What are collaborators for?

    And I’d hardly call this a brainchild (or any child for that matter) until it earns revenue; every other guy with a minimal interest in technology has a tech-blog of sorts.

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