Calculator . . . soon

The classic example of a useful iterface would be a calculator. My Tkinter knowledge is still very basic . . . the Grand Plan for a 6502 processor instruction set emulator is still there.
 But there has been a revival of an old project.
 I am working on a scientific calculator that will have an interface similar to the Fx 92-MS model of Casio that’s in common use in our classes. Currently going through the numerical methods of differentiation and integration. I intend to implement those functions on the Calc.

 I had started work in class 10 using BlueJ (yes, a long, long time I know). I’m starting afresh with the Pythonic version now.

 There: that’s a nice modest project. I’ll start off in earnest during the winter hols, get it over around New Year. Emulator . . . will be there too. But later.


About Aruni RC

Engineering student, IT.Programming and fantasy, sci-fi enthusiast.

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