Ubuntu 9.10 and Gnome 3

Pretty unfortunate that by the time I installed the latest stable Ubuntu distro, Lucid Lynx is already on its way. Actually the end of this month. The Lucid Lynx theme for Google Chrome looks pretty promising too.

two workspaces

two workspaces

I have shifted most of my C coding (just college assignments) to the linux platform. Using a customized Gedit and the standard cc compiler. Strangely enough, the independent work is mainly on the Windows partition – I’m going through a  few resources on Win32 API programming, using Bloodshed’s Dev C++. Somewhat dated but the underlying concepts will be useful even if I shift to Visual tools in the future for any win32 development. Noticed that dark colors generally strain my eyes less as compared to the stark white glare of say Facebook or even WordPress. So I tried to go in for the sombre shades on the desktop. The background is totally Bergmanesque. xD

Had an ill-fated brush with the new Gnome 3. Half the package failed to install. So the desktop environment – though radically different from what one is accustomed to  – is far from a smooth experience. Seriously considering an aptitude purge here.

Gnome 3 on my desktop

Gnome 3 on my desktop

Though I admit it looks cool.


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  1. sankha narayan guria

    But has gnome 3 been released officially. I mean its still in development. The release packages are not out yet…

    • it’s still not fully out of development. the interface was way to unfamiliar to work with.
      thanks for dropping by.

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