Recursive Combination in C

A batchmate had invited me to code this recursively, as short as possible. Actually writing the code I understood how one can make basic mistakes even after the concepts are known. Eg. I clean forgot to write a non-recursive escape condition to the recursive calls. Which lead to a segmentation fault and my subsequent quests into why it was a “Segmentation fault” though calls are stored in the “Stack” in memory.

Here’s the program.


float comb(float, float);
static int count;

int main()

float a, b;
printf(“Enter two numbers: \n”);
scanf(“%f%f”, &a, &b);
printf(“\n%f”, comb(a,b));
printf(“\n%d”, count);
return 0;

float comb(float n, float k){

return n;
return (n/k)*comb(n-1, k-1);


The static count was there to see that for trial values of (8, 4) there were 4 recursive calls. A suggested logic used integer variables only … and needed 139 calls to compute the same trial values. *smug look*


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