After a long hiatus

Yes it’s been a while.

As projects go it’s been an eye-opener for me. Completed my first project summer this year – the ASP.NET stuff i’d mentioned at the Computer Society of India. Basically the final product minus frills turned out to be a functional website with a database used for polling results.

On the other hand, however commonplace be the project, we got the hang of using Visual Studio seriously. There nothing like meeting desperate deadlines to develop friendships, migraines and some serious coding.

Moving on to recent stuff, now that the mandatory flashback’s done and over with. Firstly, I joined the Rotaract Club in our college. It was really enjoyable working almost like a family rather than a team for a good purpose.

Secondly, I’m thinking hard about the Imagine Cup thing. Microsoft may be widely reviled by those with more academic inclinations, but the bottom line is this – MS technology still has a substantial chunk of users simply because its user-friendly and at the end of the day coding is coding. Got together a team. Let’s see how far we can go ahead with this.

Thirdly and most importantly … the algorithms course that I’ve decided to do independently. Data structures in our college is fine. I’m following Tanenbaum for that. Sometimes Aho, Ullman. For Algo I issued Cormen et al. from the British Council Library. Quite a tome! Then there’s this handy place near Jadavpur Uni which gives printouts for 50p. So i got hard copies of SCIP (yessss!) and another algo book by Dasgupta, Vazirani.

There’s still greater ease associated with reading a book in hard copy rather than in electronic format. Maybe it’s my age-old habit to annotate my textbooks and curl up on a couch while reading. It’s a habit i should break i guess. But at times the effort in overcoming it diverts me from the actual goal – reading the book. And trust me, that effort IS required when grappling with SICP or Introduction to Algorithms. 🙂

So, these Pujo vacations will be packed. I’m not going for the internship in Delhi after all. Will spend the time finding my depth in CS. Emphasis on data structures, algorithm analysis and SICP (at least the first few topics!). And C. Thoroughly.


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Engineering student, IT.Programming and fantasy, sci-fi enthusiast.

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