Plans for winter

The end sem routine was finally announced – a pretty spread out one from 8th to 22nd December. Which is great for me – i get to enjoy a sizable chunk of Christmas-time for a change. An old school buddy’s coming down to Kolkata after 3 yrs so more’s the reason to make merry I suppose.

Loads of things planned for the coming months, so let’s get started enumerating ’em

First and primarily (do we hear a triumphant crowing somewhere people :P)  there’s a decent chance of doing a project at the ISI, Kolkata. At the computer vision and pattern recognition unit. I’ll be going for the screening as soon as I’m done with exams. And keeping fingers eternally crossed.

There’s another project based training scheduled at CSI on DBMS which is confirmed. Keeping this one as a backup in case ISI doesn’t work out after all. Research based projects aren’t 9 to 5 IT jobs. If it stretches past my winter breaks commuting to college and from there to ISI (over an hour’s bus ride) and then back would require some serious time juggling.

Reading list over the vacations: SICP (hardcopy tee-hee), Essentials of Programming Languages, Intro to Algos – CLRS along with the video lectures.



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