Walking instead of hoping

Now more than ever I have stopped hoping, but started walking towards dreams.

There was a time not too long ago when I tried a dozen things and hoped they would work out. Rather, nowadays I do half -a-dozen and know  that they are working out. The metamorphosis from a lot of hot air and high-brow rhetoric to the present state of buckling down and getting things done did not happen in a day, nor was it painless.

Every person I believe needs one Ayn Randish “yes.” What I mean by that is at least one achievement that is fruitful and recognized. That one indication that you are treading the right path, even if that is the less trodden, that one vindication of your efforts when you are at the fag end of your fortitude.


And after that one confirmation the road doesn’t become less difficult, nor the study-hours less, nor the desire to hang out with dear friends any more nerve-sapping in the stark solitude of a lab, nor banging your head against a seemingly-thankless project any less frustrating.

But you get to know that there was a light in the tunnel. That there is a Promised Land, an Uttermost West (yes yes Tolkien to the end) or whatever: feel free to choose your favorite metaphor for the sum total of all aspirations.

It makes all the difference.

So here’s a big YES to each and every person trying to forge a path out of the mire of mediocrity, chasing dreams and persevering alone for the sake of a life less ordinary.


About Aruni RC

Engineering student, IT.Programming and fantasy, sci-fi enthusiast.

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